Steinbach Winter Care

Winter concentrate for outdoor pools

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Winter Care Products

Recommendation for use:
The use of winter care products will make it much easier for you to restart your swimming pool in the spring. Strong adhesion of limescale and dirt deposits, as well as algae growth outside the swimming season, is prevented by the active ingredient contained within.

This winter care product should only be added to a water temperature below 12°C. Above this temperature range, the pool should be manually cleaned and the filter pump should run regularly. Over 12°C, water care should be carried out in the same manner as during the pool season.

Once the temperature is below 12°C, and after lowering the water level to approx. 10cm below the lowest edge of the skimmer, add the cleaning agent at various points across the pool (possibly diluted 1:5 so it spreads better).

Depending on the water hardness, the dosage should be between 30 and 50ml of Winter Care Product per m³ of water. See the table below.

0 - 20° approx. 30 ml / m³
20 - 30° approx. 40 ml / m³
> 30° approx. 50 ml / m³

This product is to be used exclusively for the stated purposes according to the description. The effect starts immediately after use. All dosage data is based on empirical values from which no legal claim can be derived. Never mix with other products before adding. For further information, please refer to the datasheet. Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

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